Those that see their future shape it (vision boards). 

Recently I decided to make a vision board. For those that don’t know a vision board is a board in which you put your wants and/or goals on. The purpose of it is to serve as a constant reminder of the things you want out of life. People also put down words of affirmation so they can be reminded of what they are trying to achieve or traits they’d like to have. To be completely honest when I first heard/saw vision boards I thought they’d be a waste of time. But as I’ve grown the common word most successful people have used is “vision”. Before they became successful, they saw a version of their dreams. Although it isn’t always the same vision they imagined it is usually some sort of deviation of the vision. So from seeing this time and time again I figured why not try it out. 

Repetition is the key to learning!

Pictured above is my vision board. Too be honest I don’t have many magazines so not all my visions are on the board. Health (which is now my number one priority), 1990 Lamborghini Diablo, Investments (various). Community, Family and Buffalo Wild Wings I didn’t have any pictures for so I’ll be updating my board in the future. I mention health being number one because it’s the foundation of ones life. When your health is compromised so are your visions until you recover. 

Repetition is the key to learning!

At the center of my vision board is the decoration I used for my cap during graduation (all my packaging engineers stand up)! I’m a big believer of education being the key to success. When I say education I don’t mean a degree I mean finding a field to study and becoming great at it. Education never ends and the more you know the more you get paid. The cap decoration also represents the great time and people I met while at school that helped mold me in to the person I am today. On the right hand side of the cap is a quote that states “The Leader Creates The Culture”. In my opinion that goes back to vision. The leaders will be the ones to go out and shape the future to their wants and desires. At the center of the cap in what would be the brain of the Spartan helmet is a statement that reads “Stop Dreaming and Start Doing”. I think you can tell based off the name of this blog why that quote stood out and is on the board 😄. 

Repetition is the key to learning!

If you look close enough in the picture you’ll notice luxury. I have private islands, yachts, luxurious hotels and a mansion in a tropical paradise on the board. I want the ability to be able to afford these excursions one day and know I won’t go broke in doing so. Although i couldn’t be further away from achieving that goal. I’d prefer to dream big and fail as opposed to dreaming too small and hitting my target. Too be honest I’m not a flashy person and it wasn’t until my first internship my mindset changed. On my 23rd birthday I got to go on a yacht paid for by the job and at that point I knew I wanted to own a yacht. Prior to that I had no intention in owning any sort of boat. After being exposed to the “other side” of things my mind quickly changed. 

Repetition is the key to learning!

The next group of photos on the visions board are words that I want to represent my actions, gym equipment, a small business owner and DJ equipment/a performer. Empowerment and persistence are words I want to describe what I represent. When I’m feeling lazy and don’t feel like doing a task I need to do to better myself I want the word persistence to come to my mind. I want that word to remind me working on your dreams everyday is what it takes to obtain them. Empowerment is a word that I feel has been used too lightly nowadays. When I think of empowerment I think of putting myself in a position to help others achieve their dreams. To me empowerment is getting at a level in which you have acquired success (your definition of success) and can now help a community rise to their definition of success. That is very important to me because I want to use my success and contribute to the financial growth of the black community. The small business owner pictured is Marquis Hayes of Cafe Henries. Seeing any black man run a small business is inspiring and shows it’s possible for black men to succeed in business. The gym equipment and DJ set are all things I’d like to have in my home one day. I love the art of DJing and plan on learning it one day. The picture of the performer inspires me to go back out and start performing at open mics again. Due to my eczema flaring up BADLY I took a break to get my health figured out. Now that it’s calming down so I plan on getting prepared for a show soon. 

Repetition is the key to learning!

Some of you may be wondering why I put my vision board under every paragraph. The reasoning behind that is to ingrain those images in your brain. There’s no point in making a vision board if you’re not visualizing haha. To those that have made it this far do you currently have a vision board? If so what’s on it? If not what would you like to put on it. Peace! 

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