5 Things to expect when moving to a big city. 

It’s been roughly a year and a half since I packed my bags and moved out to PA. Just wanted to list some things people could experience when moving in to a big city. 

Im rarely home but i reaside in Germantown

1. It’s expensive! 

When you move to a major city you need to have the income or a plan to stay in that city. First and foremost the rent is extremely expensive. I’m in a single studio and I pay $820/month (this is in Philly). I have family in NYC that pay $930+ and have to room with 3-4 other people. This all depends on where in the city you live but back where I’m from I could be purchasing a home with the amount of rent I spend. City taxes will take a good chunk of money out of your paycheck as well. Just about $100 is taken out of my paycheck for city taxes now that I’m in Philly. In Bethlehem (the city I lived in before) I only paid roughly $20 and I’m probably overshooting that estimate. When I really think about it EVERYTHING is more expensive in a big city. If you go out to eat you’ll pay more, groceries cost more, gas is going to be higher than it is outside of the city, ect. Although it is expensive to live in the city there are ways to be more efficient with money. Having roommates, using public transit, groupons/coupons, going to happy hours, meal prepping and doing DIY projects vs buying things all help save money. 

2. Except in a few cases you’re better off taking public transit. 

Being from MI public transit outside of using the bus when I went to college was typically a foreign idea. In NYC or Philly or even Boston it makes a lot more sense for you to do so. It’s all about finding the best form of transit. For example if I want to go to NYC starting out at Philly I’ll take the bus that leaves Chinatown on 9th and Race st. For a round trip (yes ROUND TRIP) bus tickets are ONLY $12. Now the buses aren’t as comfortable or spacious as Greyhounds or Peter Pans but the price makes up for it. Plus it’s only a 2 hour drive so the money saved is worth seats that aren’t as comfortable. Just to reiterate my point lets say I drove to NYC. That’s going to be $40 in gas, $60 in toll (there and back from NJ Turnpike), $15 to enter the city and that trip is adding mileage to your car. That’s roughly $115 which is a $103 difference from taking the bus which is much more affordable. 

On the road again

3. Wider range of events/nightlife. 

For those that are looking for an event to go to or good nightlife major cities provide that. On weekdays and Sunday nights some of the best events go down in the city…which is good for some people but bad for me 😓. If you have any interest or think you have interest in any hobby there’s more than likely a community that meets up for it. On the off chance there isnt one major cities provide the population to start one. A great app to find different events going on in the city is Eventbrite. It allows you to see events and register for them. So instead of bringing tickets you only need to get your phone scanned. 

4. ROACHES/RATS (Pests) 

I’m hoping this won’t scare anybody off from moving to a major city but I have to keep it real. When I first moved in to my apartment in Philly there were baby roaches chillin in damn near every room (main studio room, kitchen and the bathroom). After bombing my place with traps three times the number greatly reduced. On occasion I see one and spray it to death but roaches are just another part of big cities. Luckily I have yet to encounter a rat or mouse but I know people that have.  The pest in Philly typically aren’t that big….at least as big as they are in NYC. Just remember not to freak out over pests but call your landlord or an exterminator as quickly as possible. Pests tend to know how to survive even after an exterminator bombs your home so always check your home throughly after the exterminator leaves 

5. Hipsters

You’ll be seeing a lot of these in emerging cities haha. You typically know you’re in hipster territory when you see a co-op garden,  whole foods in an area that looks like the hood and Higher than average police activity. Hipsters are usually in areas with renovated apartments/houses that you can get a great deal on. 

On that note what are your experiences moving to a big city? What any tips you have for anyone moving to a big city? Please leave any responses in the comments like always. Peace! 

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