I got two jobs one in the cube and one on the road (First Uber Experience)

Last night (Thursday) was my first eXperience as an Uber driver. It wasn’t a bad experience and I learned a lot from the first ride. Since I had work earlier today (Friday) I could only be out from 10:30 pm to midnight. To be completely honest I had no idea what I was doing, winged it and got strategic as I went along. Here are some of the lessons I learned from one night of driving: 

1. Unless you live in the downtown area of a big city or you live in an area that has a high demand of Uber riders DO NOT CAMP!  

When I say camp I mean find a region on the display map just to park and wait for the rider to show up on your phone. For the first 25 mins I camped in my neighborhood since my region had orange and yellow areas on the uber map. In other words I wasted 25 mins. I don’t live in an area that’ll demand much Uber action unless someone is coming from Center City. When I camped even though I was in regions that had demand it didn’t stay that way for long. So I decided to drive to the 30th Street station thinking it would be easier to get rides there. I did end up getting a rider linked to my phone…but I would then learn my next lesson. 

2. Learn the layout of your city and know what’s going on. 

So I got my first call and I was HYPE. I’m thinkin about how easy this is and how much money I can get in a very little time. Apparently I was foolish to think that it would be that easy. I get the call and I turned down the street the Uber navigation told me to go down on. As I’m driving I notice the police block off the road I need to go on. So I make a left on to a street I thought could get me back on track. WRONG AGAIN. I ended up driving in to a parking lot I’m assuming is for the people that work at the 30th street station. Assuming made me make an ass out of myself 🐴.  So I wasted even more time by making a wrong turn. By the time I got back to the main road the person that requested the ride canceled. It’s about 11:30 pm and I want to be back home by midnight but I’m hell bent on getting at least one ride in. That’s when I get my second alert for a nearby rider. This guy was literally two minutes away from me. So once again I thought I finally got my first ride. NOPE. This time I was in Center City on Broad  street. I don’t know how I missed the memo but prom was this weekend for TONS of high schoolers. This caused stand still traffic AND there were even more police blockades. So this guy that’s two mins away canceled since I was in stand still traffic and couldn’t reach him in time. This experience led my on to my next lesson. 

The result of prom and police blockades

3. Don’t get discouraged about the rides you miss. 

With it being 11:55 I was about to start heading home. Didn’t get at least one customer and I wasted all this gas money and sat through traffic for nothin. But as I was headed home I noticed traffic died out. So I decided to go back online on my Uber Partner app. Not even one min later I get the rider alert. This time around I did some Fast and Furious handling to get to that rider. Finally I made it in time!!! I picked up a young lady I’ll call Becky with the good hair. So Becky with the good hair just got off a date with some guy and hopped on in. She was friendly and taught me the last lesson of the night. 

Had to make Felicia Keys presentable for the night

4. Feed off the energy the customer is giving you. 

When I picked up Becky with the good hair she was VERY social. We talked about schools, where we were from and she told me some personal stories. Nothing major but stories about how she ended up at her job, how she hated the major she studied and alluded to not giving the guy she just went out to eat with a second date. If a girls main concern is about the burger she left in your fridge and not having any plans to go back and get it from your apartment….she’s probably not in to you 😆. By the time I dropped her off all was well and she left me a 5-star rating. Had I been anti-social or not matched her vibe I don’t think the ride would’ve panned out as well. Although I only got the one ride last night the experience of giving Uber a shot taught me more than anyone else’s experience could have taught me. 

Hoping it stays this way

5. Bonus Lesson

For those wondering you don’t make bank off of local rides. I can already tell to make substantial  money you need the surge charge or You have to be in an area in which you have quick turnover. Meaning you drop someone off and you can find someone in that area that needs a ride. 

With all that said thanks for reading! If you have any questions about the Uber process feel free to ask. Also for those that use Uber/Lyft how much engagement so you like from a driver? Peace! 

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