Memorial Day Weekend Trip to Baltimore, MD 

Sup Everyone! This Memorial Day Weekend I took a trip to Baltimore, MD. Prior to this weekend I have never been to Baltimore. Since I don’t get many vacation days from work and I had rewards points from my credit card I decided to take a trip to check out the city. I spent most of my time in the downtown area, Little Italy and the Residential Areas by the Pier. 

Chillin at the Motel 6

Baltimore had one of the best downtown areas I’ve ever seen. One of the first stops I made was at the Barnes and Noble. I’m a big fan of Barnes and Noble and I like to get lost in books. I’m the type that needs a hardcopy since having a book on a phone/tablet is too distracting. I also retain a hardcopy of a book much better than a digital copy. Next I went to the Baltimore World Trade Center. The view on the 27th floor is amazing. The city can be seen for miles out and you can appreciate the city’s architecture. Next to the trade center is a mall. In this mall they had a store that rented out Hoverboards for a few minutes. I went on one for 5 minutes and I am SOLD. I almost walked out buying one that same day. The tech is so sensitive to motion. Steering can be done by slightly turning your hip and going backwards and forwards requires you to slightly move your heels backwards or toes forward, respectively. The candy store and suvionier store also caught my attention.  

Seeing my happy place from the Baltimore WTC

Next to the mall is a Ripleys Believe it or not exhibit. I checked out the maze of mirrors and it was difficult to find my way out. The dim lighting made it that much harder to make a move without bumping in to the mirrors. Right outside of the Ripleys exhibit is the pier. I went on a Water Taxi to see more of the city in from the viewpoint of the pier. Riding out in the water was very relaxing. 

I spent some time in Little Italy as well. I went to this restaurant called La Scala. Although it was pricey I had the best Fetticini Alfredo I’ve ever had in my life. After charging up on some food I went to the residential areas by the pier. It was the most humbling inspiring experience ever. I saw condos/apartments that were right on the pier. People had their yachts/boats right outside of their homes on the docks that were provided to them. I googled the prices of the complex and the price range was from $999,999-$2,500,000. In other words you have to be about that yacht life. 

Although outside of reach now I want to be able to go back to to that complex one day and buy a condo/apartment. This goal is definitely bigger than myself but looking around the condos/apartments you can tell it’s just everyday people that live there. To me that means being a resident there is definitely obtainable and that’s all I need to know. With that said I hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day Weekend! Please let me know in the comments what you did this weekend and what are places have you travelled to that have inspired you? Peace. 

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