Health is number ONE…time to start acting like it. 

Health should be my number one priority no questions asked. Unfortunately it usually isn’t. There are times when I put my career first and even worse there are times I put instant gratification first. I know my career is my livelihood in that it gives me money to eat, provides me with medical insurance and money to support any habits I’d like to pick up. This is all great but it can’t be at the cost of my health. When I first started working trying to find the work-life balance was extremely difficult. I’d work late hours trying to get stuff done and there were days I’d take work home with me. Ive learned when one works that hard it gets to be unhealthy for a number of reasons. 

1. Stress Eating (or not eating) 

Some people don’t eat when they are stressed. I happen to be on the exact opposite side of that spectrum. I could out eat a pro football player at a buffet with as much as I eat when I’m stressed. Before I start eating when I’m stressed I plan on drinking more water and finding alternative ways to cope with stress. 

2. The feeling of being stressed going to work 

There is nothing worse then dreading going to work everyday. Not because you hate your job but because you are burnt out. It makes getting excited about the day that much harder. With that said unless it’s for something URGENT I don’t plan on working on my time off.  

3. Staying up late to make up time and living off of caffeine 

I’m still working on time management on and off of work. I will sacrifice sleep instead of being productive which is definitely not healthy. I watched this Brian Tracey 80/20 rule video and will start applying that to work and projects I do outside of work. 

4. Not having time to recharge/tune out the world 

Over the years I’ve learned it’s good to turn yourself off to the world. I’ve been meditating for 5 mins a day and it’s not easy for me. When I meditate I still fight my thoughts and the main thought I’m fighting is “why am I sitting here when I could be doing something more productive”. Regardless of that fight having that 5 mins to myself is refreshing. 

Current Weight I plan on Getting to 175-185 lbs range

As I stated earlier instant gratification is put before my health in certain instances. Instant gratification ranges from pure laziness all the way to going out to eat and have a drink with some friends. There’s nothing wrong with indulging in instant gratification as long as your health has been taken care of. If I want to go out and see a movie I need to see to it that I’m working out/stretching/doing anything physical before the movie or right after. Dedicating time to my body/temple like I do going on IG or Facebook or YouTube ect. There’s truly no excuse to not dedicate at least 20 mins of your day to workout. With that said here are some actions I plan on taking to get my health back on track (1 month plan and I’ll make more challenging with each coming month. 

1. Only eat meals I cook at home (I get one cheat meal per weekend) 

I haven’t been consistent with meal prepping so that’s where this action comes in. At this point I’m not worried about what I cook as long as I cook. I know if I go grocery shopping I’ll be more bound to buy healthier foods. The one cheat meal per weekend means one cheat meal on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. I’ll need that to help keep me sane until this habit is second nature. 

2. Workout for at LEAST 30 mins a day. 

This is not even one episode of Daredevil. If I can sit down and binge watch Netflix I can work out one episode of a tv show. 

3. Hit the iron or do body weight exercises every other day. 

I want GAINS…as well as a stable structured body. 

4. When I want to snack or I feel like stress eating I must first drink 3 cups of water. 

When I younger I remember my dad telling me when most people feel hungry they are actually thirsty. After googling that years later, he was right. So before I eat any snacks and pack on unnecessary weight I want to drink 3 cups of water. If I’m still hungry afterwards I’m allowed a small snack. 

This first month may seem easy and it probably will be but I want to ease in to establishing these habits and make it a lifestyle. I am not just trying to lose weight. I am trying to be a healthier person and I think that requires a long consistent plan I constantly update. I’ll be sure to keep updates on my health journey. 

Like always thanks for reading. Is there anything that you put above your health and what are any health/fitness goals you have? Please comment below. Peace! 

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