Bills, Bills, Bills and Poker Chips 

What’s good everyone. Today I want to address everyone’s favorite topic….BILLS! The worst part about adult life is is payin these bills. They come in the form of loans, car notes, rent/mortgage, insurance, taxes, credit card, cell phone, ect. If I’m not mindful of how much I owe all of these sharks I WILL lose out on saving money. Building up a savings, in my opinion, is important because it gives you the “poker chips” needed to play. When I say poker chips I mean the money needed to invest. The ability to put up enough money in stocks, real estate, start ups, ect. So every month I typically write out a budget and save some of the money I have left over. 

I typically get upset writing these things out :/

In order to see where I can cut more costs and save more money I’ve downloaded the app Mint. It’s a free app that tracks where you spend your money. You can track your checking a, savings and credit card accounts. Once you enter in the banking information it tracks out what you spend and makes pie charts. These pie charts are a great way to see where you could make cuts at if you can. 

This is Mints logo for those that may seek out the app

The most important lesson I have learned recently is preparing your budget for the unexpected. By that I mean at any moment you may have health issues and need to have several Dr appointments and see a variety of specialists. No matter how good your insurance is these will be cost that add up you couldn’t see coming. From personal experiences I think the best thing to do with those bills is set up a payment plan and make the BARE minimum payment you can make. This way it’s not a huge hit in your budget and if you can pay more feel free to do so. If you agree to a payment that is too much for your budget to handle you’ll be late and if you’re late too many times it can mess up your credit if sent to a collector. 

I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted on how I keep up my budgeting and if Mint helps me cut down costs. How many of you make a budget and how often? Also what do you think you spend the most money on? Peace. 

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