Traveling Inspires Greatness

Sup World,

Earlier I was talking to a friend today and I realized the importance of traveling. Leaving the nest to explore the world is the best thing anyone can do. Not just going to a city but experiencing some of the towns culture and looking at the residential areas. I went to Portland, ME last Labor Day and to be honest I went just to go (my goal is to go to all 50 states). I’m glad I made the trip since it wasn’t this dead boring place that’s freezing all the time like I originally though. There were plenty of people my age, restaurants unique to the city and even Dance Hall Sunday’s on Peaks Island (a beautiful residential island with summer houses and a very small elementary school). Once I left Portland I’ve had this crazy idea to go back and buy property in Peaks Island. Give me some years and the idea won’t be as crazy haha. 

Another inspiring place I go to occasionally is NYC. Being around the hustle and the fast pace always puts me back on track when I fall off. My favorite spot to go to is the Barnes and Noble at Union Square.  Also just being in the park/station below seeing the street performers or Festivals that are put on is dope to be around. Although I don’t see myself living in New York (long term maybe for one year) I love hanging out and catching vibes there. I also love the nightlife, music and diversity. 

The best part about traveling is that it opens your eyes to new culture, landscape and people. Learning the history of a city and the industries that run it has always been interesting to me. Although the United States is one country it’s crazy how different it can be. 

When I went to NOLA for an expo I felt like I was in another country. The Jazz and French influence is so prominent. It kind of reminds me how techno and the French influence Detroit. While I was there a jazz band went in front of a CVS and threw down. You could also be walking around with alcohol causally. That was one of the biggest culture shocks for me. Along with all of the cheap strip clubs on Bourben St. I’m definitely going back for Mardis Gras 😂. 

When I was younger I didn’t get to travel much so I plan on making up for the time lost after I save up some investment money. Trips I want to take in the near future are to Vermont, New Hamshire, Atl GA, Tokyo and Lagos Nigeria. These are all trips I won’t be taking this year but I’ll make it out there sooner than later. 

How has traveling you to be great? What goals have you set after taking a trip? Peace 

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