From here on out its slow and steady

Sup World! I’m still making progress towards getting down to my goal weight range (175-185 pounds). This past week was challenging. There were days I almost said skip it and blew off the work out. I also went back to the bad habit of stress eating at work last Thurday and Friday. 

As I expected my average weight loss from here on out (per week) will be 1-2 pounds until I hit a plateau ( hopefully I don’t). Which is fine by me. I have to live a healthier lifestyle overall to keep everything off. This past week I lost 1.1 lbs. it could possibly have been more but a lot of work is coming my way at the office and in order to chill out and focus I had cake and some other treats. Work is the worst place to go to in terms of sweets for two reasons. 

1) You have to go to work. In terms of getting candy at the grocery or dollar store you can chose not to go to the store or at least not go down that aisle. 

2) The candy/snacks at work are FREE. So I can’t even talk myself out of it by saying its a waste of money. 

But I’m early in my journey and overall I’d say I had a good week. I’ve progressed in the amount of reps I do in my workouts so far. As of now I’ve been lifting with medium weight and high volume. I go 15 reps and 3 sets. As a result I’m not making huge jumps in being able to move up in weight. I can push out more reps each time but since I only have Dumbbells to use I have to go up 5/10 lbs for whenever I progress (5 per arm/10 total). I’m considering going to my job and working out after work. My gym weights only go up to 50 lbs while at my job they go up to 100 lbs. By next week I think I’ll be ready to make that transition. 

To do better this upcoming week if I have junk food cravings I’ll buy fruit/soup/salad from the cafe at my company. I noticed if I replace certain foods or drinks with an alternative I can cope easier. Instead of drinking pop (soda for the east coast people’s) I drink seltzer water (carbonated water). That’s it for now. For anyone trying to live a healthier lifestyle what junk foods are your weakness and what could you replace it with? Let me know in the comments. Peace! 

Its only getting harder from here on out

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