Insurance is the DEVIL! 

Sup World…as you can see in the pictures someone broke in to my car this morning. I had to get up early today to catch this expo to check out a machine I’ll be buying for the company I work at. The night before I parked in a different location than what I normally do. The street I usually park at has been shut down for construction. So I walk about 2 blocks up the street to get to my car, open my door and notice a huge piece of broken glass on the seat. I look up and see my whole passenger front window busted. Glass shards are everywhere. When I also saw the glove box with all my stuff out I was beyond livid. I was ready to beat some ass but the person that broke in my car I’m sure was long gone. I even noticed they broke in to a Volkswagen in front of me. 

Not the 1st thing anyone is tryin to see in the morning

I called the cops to file the police report. While waiting I went to my hotel lobby and let my parents know of the situation. They walked me through everything. I also had to call in at work. About three hours and a half hours later the cops showed up (thank god I wasn’t shot haha). They filed a report and gave me a number but were real with me. The officer said your deductible is probably $500 and to be real with you it’s probably better to not report it to your insurance agency since that’ll only increase my monthly rate. 

At this point I’m just laughing because it’s funny. The amount of money i put in to insurance and when I need it I have to come out of $500 before you help me repair my car. WTF am I paying for?!???!?My insurance is roughly $250 a month. My repair wasn’t even $200. I may as well have saved all the money I paid them in an interst building account and used that to pay for repairs. This is why insurance is the DEVIL. Now it’s not all bad since if it was something more severe I’d get a little more help. But I’m sure there’d be clauses to not pay the amount they should be paying with the amount I pay them every month. 

Fortunately I found a shop (Select Auto Glass in Philadelphia) that had my window and installed it in an hour. As salty and pissed off as I feel I’m grateful it was an easy fix. My car still functions and I’m only $185 out of pocket. But it hurt knowing I put in work and bought this car on my own and pay my monthly note and insurance and some asshole broke in to it for no reason. I don’t keep valuables in plain sight of my car and I don’t even keep anything valuable in my car over night. The ONLY thing the guy stole was an iPhone 5S usb cord 😑😑😑. So for a 5S usb cord this man stole my time, $185 and a 5s usb cord with NO CHARGER. WTF! Like they sell that at the dollar store. On top of that I only have a Ford Focus. An Infiniti and Impala were parked in front of my car and he chose the Focus to break in to….Ok done with the rant but needless to say I’m upset. 

As upset as I feel I’m happy that the damages in the grand scheme of things were easy to replace and it doesn’t affect my livelihood. I can only imagine what it’s like for people that don’t have the money to get a new window or repairs to someone breaking in to their stuff (car, home, ect). This event has definitely ignited a flame in my soul. Not only do I want to strive to be better for myself but I hope to create an environment in which someone doesn’t feel the need to break in to a Ford Focus #shotsfiredbum.  In the journey of becoming the strongest version of myself I want to be able to help people on a higher level so it decreases this kind of activity. 

What are ways you think the world can become a better place(community based, environmentally, chose whatever topic you’d like)? Peace and to the guy that broke in my car imma pray for you since it sounds like you need it. 

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