5 Reasons You Aren’t Getting A Job

1. Resume and/or Interview Skills Need Improving 
You could be the most qualified and best “fit” person for a job. But if you do not have an effective resume or confidence during your interview that will overshadow how great of a person you are. When I first started my job hunt I thought I had a great resume with amazing interviewing skills. I could not have been more wrong. Here’s my rule of thumb in these situations. If you aren’t getting any calls for an interview your resume is not up to par. If you are getting initial (first or phone) interviews and maybe even second interviews but not the job then you need to improve on your interviewing skills. In the near future I will have more blog and vlog posts on how you can make them better. If you need any help now and you’re reading this please feel more than free to message me or leave a comment. 

2. You Haven’t Been Rejected Enough 

When applying for jobs you typically are going to face rejection and heartbreak. It’s literally you vs the world and everybody can’t win. With that said you need to apply to as many places as possible and expect to get rejected. I have a “Rule of 100”. You apply to 100 jobs, you get a call back from 10, get 5 second interviews and only land 1 or 2 job offers. From my experiences when I’ve applied to jobs (especially my first internship) I got rejected by 80 to 90 companies. That’s online, at career fairs and through my schools online database. I’ve received my fair share of “f**k you” emails, I once received a “f**k you” letter and I’ve gotten rejected from a job after having a great interview. Even through all this I never took anything personal and worked that much harder until I landed a job. The one good thing about getting rejected is that it forces you to refine all of your skills when job hunting. Each rejection will make you smarter as you learn from your mistakes. You will also become more familiar with the format of an interview. So no matter how many times the door keeps getting slammed on your face keep knockin’. 

3. You’re Overqualified 

I know this sounds weird. But I’ll give an example to better explain it. Let’s say you went to a university and received a Psychology degree (Congratulations!). Typically speaking after you get your bachelors in Psychology you go on to further your education to specialize and eventually get a job or start up your own practice. Even if you chose not to pursue this route you have the POTENTIAL to do so. If you have that degree and are trying to get a job that only requires a high school diploma, red flags will be everywhere to that employer. If I’m that employer I see the person with a degree as someone that wants a job until they can find something better or go back to school and get something better. That potential means you’re more than likely to bring quicker turnover vs your counterpart that has a high school diploma and can not bargain like someone with a degree can. It’s always been funny to me that companies believe in our potential more than we do at times. 

4. You’re Under Qualified

I think this is pretty self explanatory. If you are applying to be a rocket scientist but you have never studied calc, physics, thermodynamics and many other engineering/science classes you probably shouldn’t be a rocket scientist. Just as if I study biology I’m not going to apply to a job to be an accountant. The experiences or learning you obtain over the years gives you the tools necessary to get through the qualification barriers. Being qualified for a job does not mean you know everything or have performed that specific job. It means you have the experiences and you have dealt with mishaps and fixed mistakes to know a job position. If you’ve worked at a retail store your whole life you have customer service and sales experience. You are not an official salesperson but you have experiences that could help you land a job as one. Always keep that in mind when applying for jobs. In my opinion apply to as many jobs as you can but be smart and efficient about it. If I’m a Jr. Engineer I can’t apply for a Principle/Sr. Engineer position. But I can try out for other Jr. Engineer or Engineer 1 positions and apply to as many as possible.  
5. You Never Had A Chance As Soon As The Job Was Posted

Companies from time to time hire within their own company or have a person recommended to them by someone in the company. Legally they have to post the job and go through the interviewing process as if other candidates have a chance. But in these cases you lost before you had your interview. Unless you are 100 times better and more likable than the person they already had in mind you probably aren’t getting the job. Networking and connections go a long way. It’s also a lower risk for the company. Just because you have a good interview and the experience does not mean you are a good fit for the company. 

Thanks for reading and please feel free to ask questions on Corp America or how to prepare for it. I’ll be more than happy to answer it and make a blog post topic out of it. 

Tony Z

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