How can I be qualified for a job but not a good “fit” for the job

Something that is never talked about enough is company “culture”. When you get a job you aren’t just doing your job description and going home. You are interacting with the people at your job and the relationships you build can be the difference from you getting a promotion/raise versus being the person that got laid off. Company Culture ranges from the way you dress, how you should talk, the time you come in at work as well as the time you leave work. 

Conforming to the company culture is necessary to progress in most fields. If you have a job that has a dress code that states you can wear jeans on Friday but NO ONE in your department wears jeans on Fridays. I would highly recommend you don’t wear jeans on Friday. Unfortunately we live in a world of judgmental people and when you go against their culture they make you an outcast. It is important to understand that if you are getting paid to work by someone else you must follow their rules and codes of conduct. Entrepreneurship is the only way to have that freedom that allows you do wear and do what you want. In which one could argue the industry and customers you serve dictate that instead. 

The time you show up and leave work is just as important as the dress code you are given. Even if work starts at 8:15 am if everyone is there by 8:10 am I’d go as far to say be there by 8:00 am or 8:05 am. Everyone typically loves the early bird and the last person that leaves the office. 

The conversations you have and your grammar are also apart of company culture. If everyone is very formal in how they speak, once again, that’s how you have to speak. If you use slang in your personal time and outside of work that’s fine. But in the workplace it’s best to watch everything you say. The walls have ears and someone is always listening. 

Keep in mind you do not have to conform in the workplace. It is your personal choice unless you are breaking their code and conduct rules. If you don’t agree with the rules I’d recommend leaving because you won’t enjoy yourself at said company. People that are like one another tend to hire each other. If you want to successfully climb the corporate ladder there has to be some conformity. You can still be yourself and conform. If you don’t feel comfortable with the Company Culture it’s better you don’t take the offer. An interview goes two ways which I’ll go over in a later post. 

Here are some of my thoughts on company culture. Keep in mind it dramatically differs with industries. Google and a local hospital have two completely different cultures. But to navigate either one you must conform. Once you obtain a position of power you can then create change from the inside out. 

Please let me know if you think conformity is necessary to get ahead. If so why? If not why not? Thanks for reading! 

Tony Z. 

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