Can I be in a relationship with a coworker? 

On weekends I plan on doing more casual blogs. These blogs will still be related to corporate life. As you guessed by the title of today’s blog I will be discussing romance at the work place. To briefly answer the question yes you can date and be in a relationship at the work place. I personally have yet to do it and I don’t plan on doing it unless I meet an amazing woman that I would be willing to bend my rules for. 

I’ve seen people in the workplace that were dating, in relationships or even married. From seeing all of this I’ve seen both good and bad. For some people it works out perfectly and there are no problems (at least visible ones). Typically if there is interaction between the two at work it’s around lunch. When two people are in relationships at work they are usually working in different departments. The only time I’ve ever heard of a company may having issues with having a significant in the workplace is if it’s with a supervisor and subordinate. Typically every year workers are given a performance review. With that usually comes a bonus. If you feel you were graded unfairly because the relationship didn’t work this opens a can of worms no one wants to deal with.

Once a break up happens it is not a pretty site. It creates tension in the workplace. Everyone will be gossiping about your situation, people will treat you differently and you still have to go to work everyday and may not be able to avoid this person. To make matters worse if your significant other cheated on you with someone at work you have to see them everyday too. This will create a toxic work place for you and by this point it would be better if one of you quit. 

Overall if you find someone that makes you happy and you think a relationship will work I say go for it. If it’s not someone you see yourself with in the distant future unless you’re getting another job soon I wouldn’t risk it. Something I didn’t mention here that I’ll cover another day is to make sure you are cautious in your approach. Keep everything appropriate at work at all times. If you ask someone out on a date and they reject you don’t keep insisting. No one person is worth your livelihood. Also no one wants to be the “creeper” at the work place. Trust me. 

Have you dated someone at work before? If so how did it go? If not what is stopping you? Thanks for reading! 


Tony Z 

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