5 Ways to Keep Up With Fitness While Working in Corporate America

When working the 9 to 5 it is difficult to maintain a healthy fitness level. Below are some things that have helped me stay consistent when working out. 

1. Set Up A Consistent Time To Do It

In order to maintain consistency I’d recommend having a designated time set to workout everyday. I like to start from 7 pm to 9 pm and some days 8 pm to 10 pm. I have a one hour (sometimes an hour and a half) commute from home. Depending on when I get off work I sometimes have to start a little later as a result. I personally chose those times because those are roughly the times I’d go to breakdance club to session when I was in college. Now I use those times for working out. There are events that come up or times I have to work late. If I know this in advanced I’ll workout early in the morning or later at night. Something I know about myself is that I can workout as long as I don’t eat dinner. I’ll have the drive and energy to do so. If I eat dinner I’ll get to cozy and creep my way in to bed. What this all comes down to is knowing yourself and setting yourself up to win so you don’t make excuses for not working out. 

2 Do Workouts You Enjoy 

Since working out is a long term lifestyle change (long term meaning forever) you should enjoy what you’re doing. If that comes in the form of Zumba, jogging, basketball, boxing, weight lifting, ect then stick to that. I’m not saying to not explore other options. But getting in a groove is the most important step. After that I highly recommend trying out and experiencing different forms of working out. You may fall in love with something else and don’t know it yet. 

LOVE the work and workouts you do!

3 Workout With A Partner or A Community Of People. 

When you get involved in a class or at the very least have a workout partner it motivates you to keep going. For some it’s not letting other people down and for others it’s like having a rival and not wanting to get left behind. Whatever the reason meaningful relationships are typically built when you workout with a community. If you and some coworkers make a pact or all get a membership to the same place that can be beneficial. That way you all get to know each other in and out of the workplace. 

4. Do a Workout Challenge 

The workout challenge could be a AB workout you see on Instagram, the 100 push up challenge or something you make up yourself. If you do a workout challenge for 1-2 months the habit of working out will be instilled in you. Workout challenges are also great ways to track your progress since challenges require you do a harder workout than the previous one. 

5. Let It Be Your Outlet 

Work can get overbearing at times and working out is one of the best and healthiest outlets to have. Whether you are mentally drained or frustrated releasing your frustration in the gym is one of the best feelings. There have been many times when I wasnt in a working out mood and might have had a bad work out (not hitting Personal records, ect) but afterwards it feels better to know I did it then to add stress feeling guilty about not doing it. 

Do you currently have a workout regimen? If so what does your workout program look like? If not have you thought about making one? Please feel free to share your experiences. Thanks for reading! 


Tony Z. 

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