Do Companies Look at Your Social Media Before They Hire You? 

Social media can get you fired from a job, make you look good to a potential job opportunity or prevent you from getting a job all together. Although it is your personal life the way you represent yourself outside of work is just as important as how you represent yourself at work. If your future boss sees pictures of you getting drunk at a party or smoking weed you just eliminated yourself from the application pool. 

Of course most people in management positions have been young and have done their dirt but they were smart enough to not let it follow them. This has to be the case when dealing with social media. Either you need to create a positive image in all of your social media or put it all on private.

 I personally keep an alias for some of my social media. I don’t have anything bad posted but something else I’m cautious of are my views. For example if the person hiring is a Trump fanatic and you are voting for Hilary you might’ve lost the job opportunity. You just showed you don’t fit the corporate culture at the job. As Ive said before people like to hire people they can relate to and get along with. 

After you get a job you still must be cautious of what you put on the Internet. Most companies may tell employers things that havent went public yet. If that’s the case and you post something about it before they do you will lose your job and possibly get sued. Typically if they email something that has yet to be released by the public they’ll say confidential or let you know on the email. 

To keep it simple I just wouldn’t talk about work on social media unless there are job openings or someone ask what company you work for and your job description. 

To tie this all in I’m not saying you have to delete all of your social media. However you must hide everything from the company you are applying to or make yourself look like a saint. 

Have you heard stories about people getting fired for social media posts? What are your thoughts on the topic? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading! 


Tony Z

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