Does The School I Go To Dictate What Job I’ll Get?

The school you go to will dictate many things in life. College is where some people find their future spouse, discover what they want to do for the rest of their lives and it’s where you’ll meet people that’ll expand your way of thinking. The school you go to will present many opportunities but it is ultimately you, the individual, that dictates your experiences and your future career. 

Met a Lengendary Coach at a great school

Even before you go to college you may have a plan you set for yourself. For the majority of us that plan hardly ever pans out the way we originally saw it. Which is perfectly fine. It is common that people change their majors when in college. Depending on what major you chose it hones the job opportunities available to you. If you’re a liberal arts major and you want a mechanical engineering job that’s obviously not going to work. 

As a kid i knew where i was going to college just didnt fully have the plan.

At that point you’d have to go back to school and get your degree in mech engineering. If you’re a senior about to graduate there is another route. There are certain jobs that only require a bachelors degree. Those jobs (like Target and Sears for example there are more) can introduce you to an industry and you could work for a company and go back to school to learn you’re passion. 

Some of the benefits you may get at working with a corporation is tuition reimbursement. Using that as opposed to coming out of your own pocket is a way to change majors while getting some work experience. Once you get the degree you want you can then switch departments and eventually change jobs. Keep in mind if a company pays for the schooling you pursue with their money you may have to work there a year or two before you change companies. Most places make you pay all of the tuition back if you leave before they get to benefit from the knowledge you acquired. 

The school you go to is a network and will follow you wherever you go. I went to a big ten school (the pics give away which one) and no matter where I go in the world I know more than likely I’ll be able to find people that went to my school. Just by going to the same college a bond is made and can present opportunities. 

The Breakdance Club helped mold me in to the person I am today.

Along with meeting people across the world the Internet is another great source. I’m apart of Facebook groups that post job postings specific to my major. On top of that I have a network of people I can go to for questions about my field all located in one spot. 

To bring this to an end yes the school you chose plays a role in where you end up but it is ultimately you the individual that achieves what they want. Never let the school you go to dictate anything. There are multiple ways to get where you want to go in life in terms of a career. 

Like always thanks for reading! How has the school you attended help mold you to the person you are today? 


Tony Z. 

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