Acclimating To The Newfound Worklife

After years of late nights, monsters, red bulls, early mornings, ramen dinners and nights out at the bar readjusting to real world working hours is difficult. You’d think after a year or two in it breaking those habits would be easy. Thus far it is still a challenge to this day. In order to get through the day I’ll either drink green tea or have my coffee with no cream or sugar. 

No Cream OR Sugar

My Sleep schedule was a big adjustment but my most costly adjustment was my health. I’ve noticed with myself and some of my friends (in shape normally healthy people) got sickly or had a strange health condition. My condition was severe eczema. Which on paper doesn’t sound bad but it was awful. I was on immunosuppressants and had a bacterial infection every other month. Along with that with my whole body being broken out I didn’t do much socially. Although lots of money was spent I’m finally getting better from that situation. 

This last acclimation depends on if you move from home or not. I’m from Michigan and most of my family is there or somewhere in the Midwest. I am currently residing in Philadelphia. If anything goes down back at home that’s a 10 hour drive or couple of hundred dollars plane ticket. So needless to say 1) I don’t see my family much and 2) I can’t be there to support them in real life if they need me. 

This was went I went home for Christmas last year. I had to dab on my haters as the kids say.

I try to take a few days out of spring to make a trip back to Michigan. Around that time and Christmas are the only times I go back. I appreciate technology that much more as a result. I’m in constant contact with my parents to get updates and see how’s everyone doing. 

As always thanks for reading! If you are out of school now what did you have to acclimate to? If still in school what habits will you need to change? 


Tony Z. 

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