Keeping in Contact With Friends 

After graduation I moved out to the Lehigh Valley. I knew no one and my friends were scattered with throughout America and some in other countries. When I started work it was harder to keep in contact with everyone because I was doing my own thing where I was at and getting used to the work world. 

Even to this day I’m rarely in contact with my friends to be honest. But the crazy thing is when we see each other it’s like we’ve been talking to each other. I think right now is time for the hustle. We are all busy people and trying to achieve our dreams. I always keep that in mind and it pushes me to go harder. Granted it would be cool to get everyone in one spot and party for a weekend. 

Like always thanks for reading! Is your relationship the same with your friends even if you don’t keep constant contact? Please leave your experience in the comments below. 

Tony Z. 

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