Sunday Funday But Not All Fun

Sundays are always great to kickback and recover from work and watching college football on Saturdays. For most of the day I relax but near the end of the day I get productive. I like to plan out my week and everything I need to get done. 

Today I did so on the bus on my way back from New York City. This past weekend I saw my friends and asked them if they wanted to start a podcast. We all talked about it in terms of how it would get done and what we would talk about. I think the chemistry we all have would work but we’d have to remain consistent. 

My Sunday was spent planning that out and my week. I was in the app Eventbrite liking up networking opportunities to meet more people and get up to date on the latest and greatest technology. There were a couple of events Octover 15 I plan on going to. 

As always thanks for reading! How do you typically spend your Sundays? Please let me know in the comments below. 


Tony Z. 

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