Traveling Using Company Credit 

When working in corporate America you will more than likely get an AMEX Card (American Express Credit Card). This card will more than likely be in YOUR name so whatever you don’t pay on it is on you and not the company. When you get an AMEX you do not get a credit limit like a normal credit card. You do have a limit but each month you must pay off that balance. 

Let’s say you have a $5000.00 limit. You go on a trip for business and spend $1000.00. You have to pay that $1000.00 back within the one month. There is no minimum payment plan you pay that in full. The good news is that since its company credit you don’t have to come out of your own pocket as long as you follow company guidelines. 

Companies will allow you to have a certain budget for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as money for hotel and car rentals. As long as you keep itemized receipts and don’t go over the budget you’ll be reimbursed the money you spent. I’d recommend taking photos of the receipts in case you lose them or your baggage gets lost. If there’s no documentation justifying your cost you will have to come out of pocket. Sadly I made this mistake once and I don’t plan on making it again. 

Also keep in mind certain things you need to buy on your own. Unless you’re a salesman I’d buy alcohol on my personal debit/credit card. Certain companies do not reimburse you for alcoholic beverages and alcohol will take up most of your budget. I went down to New Orleans for business and needless to say I tried out some of the drinks for the full experience. 

For those that know me I love White Russians. So I had to get the frozen version in NOLA.

As always thanks for reading! Have any of you ever used company credit? If so what kind of expenses did you pay for using it. 


Tony  Z. 

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