Continuous Learning Outside of School 

When you graduate school most people think learning is over. The exact opposite has been my reality. When I started my first job I quickly learned college only gave me a base for my job. For my actual job I had to bump my head and learn through asking my peers or making mistakes. I am a proud person but I’ve come to accept that mistakes are synonymous with experience. 

Wine and Dine in NOLA for a networking event in my field.

Going to events in your industry will teach you the latest and greatest trends going on. Information you will get that is helpful includes information on regulation updates, technology updates, pricing for materials and supplier information. At these events you may also run in to someone that could be a mentor to you. Exchanging business cards is a must at these events. 

YP Small Business Event Hosted at Community College of Philadelphia.

I have also gone to events that are for other causes outside of my job. Tonight I went to an entrepreneur workshop. They taught social media marketing and held a pitch competition. I learned a lot from the small business vendors and took notes on what to expect when selling an idea. Entrepreneurship is something I want to get in to so networking and learning what would succeed in the market is my goal when going to these events. That along with building connections with small business owners. 

As always thanks for reading! What events or interest do you go to? If you don’t go to any which ones would you want to go to? Please leave comments in the comment box. 


Tony Z. 

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