Will Having LinkedIn Give Me A Job?

In today’s world social media and how you present yourself on it is everything! LinkedIn is another medium to present yourself on. Does having a LinkedIn promise you or get you a job? No. However having a LinkedIn gives potential employers a chance to see how you present yourself and your credentials. Job hunting is a very competitive process. In order to stay ahead of your peers LinkedIn is a great resource for doing so. 

LinkedIn is becoming the new first impression for employers. How you set your page up and the profile picture you use set the impression. Your resume may be what attracts an employer but your LinkedIn is what will get you a phone call for a screening interview. As my rule of thumb I think you should blend in with the industry you plan on working for. If you will be in a corporate setting I’d have a professional picture with a suit and tie on (as shown in the pic below). If you are in an artistic field I’d say wear something that reflects your style of art. If you are in the fashion industry I think wearing the latest and greatest trends would be the best attention getter. 

LinkedIn, in my opinion, is a resume enhancer. When you send out a resume it should not be longer than one page. LinkedIn gives you the freedom to add all of the jobs, experiences and organizations you were apart of. It also allows you to write a summary about yourself which to me is like a cover letter. I’d keep that section centrally focused on the job you’re trying to get with the credentials you bring to the employers looking at your profile. LinkedIn has a job search that is a great tool to use for applying for jobs. I’m not going to go to deep in this topic because job search engines will be a future blog. 

As always thanks for reading! How has your experience been with LinkedIn and have you given your profile much thought? 


Tony Z. 

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