Working With Job Recruiters 

Most companies will hire out a third party vendor to find talent. That third party vendor is referred to as a recruiter. Basically recruiters get hired to look through the talent pool and find the best candidate from that pool. Recruiters will typically be the person that does an initial phone/Skype interview with you. After that interview they will chose a certain amount of people to conduct an interview with the company that hired them for recruiting. 

Having your resume on file for a recruiter has its pros and cons. If you are actively looking for work and need a job as soon as possible having your resume with a recruiting company will save you time. They will call you about potential opportunities you qualify for. 

The cons of recruiters is that they are looking to fill a position for a paycheck. Some recruiters will try and get you a job that you are under qualified for. It’s up to you as the job hunter to recognize your limits and ability in the work force. I wouldn’t recommend taking a job you’re under qualified for because you won’t be able to perform all of the job tasks and that could get you fired.  

In the work world always look out for your interests and think about why someone is giving you an opportunity. A as always thanks for reading! Feel free to leave any questions if you have any. 


Tony Z. 

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