Working With Job Recruiters 

Most companies will hire out a third party vendor to find talent. That third party vendor is referred to as a recruiter. Basically recruiters get hired to look through the talent pool and find the best candidate from that pool. Recruiters will typically be the person that does an initial phone/Skype interview with you. After that interview they will chose a certain amount of people to conduct an interview with the company that hired them for recruiting. 

Having your resume on file for a recruiter has its pros and cons. If you are actively looking for work and need a job as soon as possible having your resume with a recruiting company will save you time. They will call you about potential opportunities you qualify for. 

The cons of recruiters is that they are looking to fill a position for a paycheck. Some recruiters will try and get you a job that you are under qualified for. It’s up to you as the job hunter to recognize your limits and ability in the work force. I wouldn’t recommend taking a job you’re under qualified for because you won’t be able to perform all of the job tasks and that could get you fired.  

In the work world always look out for your interests and think about why someone is giving you an opportunity. A as always thanks for reading! Feel free to leave any questions if you have any. 


Tony Z. 

Will Having LinkedIn Give Me A Job?

In today’s world social media and how you present yourself on it is everything! LinkedIn is another medium to present yourself on. Does having a LinkedIn promise you or get you a job? No. However having a LinkedIn gives potential employers a chance to see how you present yourself and your credentials. Job hunting is a very competitive process. In order to stay ahead of your peers LinkedIn is a great resource for doing so. 

LinkedIn is becoming the new first impression for employers. How you set your page up and the profile picture you use set the impression. Your resume may be what attracts an employer but your LinkedIn is what will get you a phone call for a screening interview. As my rule of thumb I think you should blend in with the industry you plan on working for. If you will be in a corporate setting I’d have a professional picture with a suit and tie on (as shown in the pic below). If you are in an artistic field I’d say wear something that reflects your style of art. If you are in the fashion industry I think wearing the latest and greatest trends would be the best attention getter. 

LinkedIn, in my opinion, is a resume enhancer. When you send out a resume it should not be longer than one page. LinkedIn gives you the freedom to add all of the jobs, experiences and organizations you were apart of. It also allows you to write a summary about yourself which to me is like a cover letter. I’d keep that section centrally focused on the job you’re trying to get with the credentials you bring to the employers looking at your profile. LinkedIn has a job search that is a great tool to use for applying for jobs. I’m not going to go to deep in this topic because job search engines will be a future blog. 

As always thanks for reading! How has your experience been with LinkedIn and have you given your profile much thought? 


Tony Z. 

Continuous Learning Outside of School 

When you graduate school most people think learning is over. The exact opposite has been my reality. When I started my first job I quickly learned college only gave me a base for my job. For my actual job I had to bump my head and learn through asking my peers or making mistakes. I am a proud person but I’ve come to accept that mistakes are synonymous with experience. 

Wine and Dine in NOLA for a networking event in my field.

Going to events in your industry will teach you the latest and greatest trends going on. Information you will get that is helpful includes information on regulation updates, technology updates, pricing for materials and supplier information. At these events you may also run in to someone that could be a mentor to you. Exchanging business cards is a must at these events. 

YP Small Business Event Hosted at Community College of Philadelphia.

I have also gone to events that are for other causes outside of my job. Tonight I went to an entrepreneur workshop. They taught social media marketing and held a pitch competition. I learned a lot from the small business vendors and took notes on what to expect when selling an idea. Entrepreneurship is something I want to get in to so networking and learning what would succeed in the market is my goal when going to these events. That along with building connections with small business owners. 

As always thanks for reading! What events or interest do you go to? If you don’t go to any which ones would you want to go to? Please leave comments in the comment box. 


Tony Z. 

Traveling Using Company Credit 

When working in corporate America you will more than likely get an AMEX Card (American Express Credit Card). This card will more than likely be in YOUR name so whatever you don’t pay on it is on you and not the company. When you get an AMEX you do not get a credit limit like a normal credit card. You do have a limit but each month you must pay off that balance. 

Let’s say you have a $5000.00 limit. You go on a trip for business and spend $1000.00. You have to pay that $1000.00 back within the one month. There is no minimum payment plan you pay that in full. The good news is that since its company credit you don’t have to come out of your own pocket as long as you follow company guidelines. 

Companies will allow you to have a certain budget for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as money for hotel and car rentals. As long as you keep itemized receipts and don’t go over the budget you’ll be reimbursed the money you spent. I’d recommend taking photos of the receipts in case you lose them or your baggage gets lost. If there’s no documentation justifying your cost you will have to come out of pocket. Sadly I made this mistake once and I don’t plan on making it again. 

Also keep in mind certain things you need to buy on your own. Unless you’re a salesman I’d buy alcohol on my personal debit/credit card. Certain companies do not reimburse you for alcoholic beverages and alcohol will take up most of your budget. I went down to New Orleans for business and needless to say I tried out some of the drinks for the full experience. 

For those that know me I love White Russians. So I had to get the frozen version in NOLA.

As always thanks for reading! Have any of you ever used company credit? If so what kind of expenses did you pay for using it. 


Tony  Z. 

Sunday Funday But Not All Fun

Sundays are always great to kickback and recover from work and watching college football on Saturdays. For most of the day I relax but near the end of the day I get productive. I like to plan out my week and everything I need to get done. 

Today I did so on the bus on my way back from New York City. This past weekend I saw my friends and asked them if they wanted to start a podcast. We all talked about it in terms of how it would get done and what we would talk about. I think the chemistry we all have would work but we’d have to remain consistent. 

My Sunday was spent planning that out and my week. I was in the app Eventbrite liking up networking opportunities to meet more people and get up to date on the latest and greatest technology. There were a couple of events Octover 15 I plan on going to. 

As always thanks for reading! How do you typically spend your Sundays? Please let me know in the comments below. 


Tony Z. 

Keeping in Contact With Friends 

After graduation I moved out to the Lehigh Valley. I knew no one and my friends were scattered with throughout America and some in other countries. When I started work it was harder to keep in contact with everyone because I was doing my own thing where I was at and getting used to the work world. 

Even to this day I’m rarely in contact with my friends to be honest. But the crazy thing is when we see each other it’s like we’ve been talking to each other. I think right now is time for the hustle. We are all busy people and trying to achieve our dreams. I always keep that in mind and it pushes me to go harder. Granted it would be cool to get everyone in one spot and party for a weekend. 

Like always thanks for reading! Is your relationship the same with your friends even if you don’t keep constant contact? Please leave your experience in the comments below. 

Tony Z. 

Acclimating To The Newfound Worklife

After years of late nights, monsters, red bulls, early mornings, ramen dinners and nights out at the bar readjusting to real world working hours is difficult. You’d think after a year or two in it breaking those habits would be easy. Thus far it is still a challenge to this day. In order to get through the day I’ll either drink green tea or have my coffee with no cream or sugar. 

No Cream OR Sugar

My Sleep schedule was a big adjustment but my most costly adjustment was my health. I’ve noticed with myself and some of my friends (in shape normally healthy people) got sickly or had a strange health condition. My condition was severe eczema. Which on paper doesn’t sound bad but it was awful. I was on immunosuppressants and had a bacterial infection every other month. Along with that with my whole body being broken out I didn’t do much socially. Although lots of money was spent I’m finally getting better from that situation. 

This last acclimation depends on if you move from home or not. I’m from Michigan and most of my family is there or somewhere in the Midwest. I am currently residing in Philadelphia. If anything goes down back at home that’s a 10 hour drive or couple of hundred dollars plane ticket. So needless to say 1) I don’t see my family much and 2) I can’t be there to support them in real life if they need me. 

This was went I went home for Christmas last year. I had to dab on my haters as the kids say.

I try to take a few days out of spring to make a trip back to Michigan. Around that time and Christmas are the only times I go back. I appreciate technology that much more as a result. I’m in constant contact with my parents to get updates and see how’s everyone doing. 

As always thanks for reading! If you are out of school now what did you have to acclimate to? If still in school what habits will you need to change? 


Tony Z. 

Finally Going To Meet My Little! 

After a couple of months of background checks, readings and trainings I should be meeting my little some time next week! For those that don’t know a little is  its basically a mentee you get when you sign up for the Big Brother Big Sister organization. The mentor (myself in this case) is referred to as a big. Sometime last week I got a phone call from the Match Support Specialist (MSS). The MSS basically takes all the information from your interview and takes a child’s information from their interview to create a suitable match for both parties. 

The MSS let me know my matches name was J (not his real time but this is how I’ll refer to him). J lives about 15 minutes away from me. I’m not going to go in to all of J’s business but he has been through quite a bit for his age. Even through all of that the MSS told me he is an all A/B student, he’s very sociable and he wants to grow up to be a basketball player. He is also involved in an empowerment group with his local community. 

As of now I have a couple of ideas for our first few interactions. With that said I’m very excited and nervous to finally get to meet him. I don’t really know what to expect but I plan on being the best big I can be. I want to introduce him to some of my hobbies and I hope to explore his hobbies as well. 
One reason I volunteered is that as Ive gotten older I’ve come to realize community is everything. The support you get from your neighbors and people in your local vicinity truly does build a village. A lot of people like to talk down on poor black communities but never go in them and try to make the conditions black youth live in everyday better. Growing up I used to help my Grandma clean out her elementary school. It was Birney Elementary School in Detroit, MI (it has now been shut down). The kids there literally had everything stripped away from them each year I went back to help my Grandma clean out her classroom. 

First the Art classes were cut, then the music classes and finally gym classes were cut. Keep in mind children are going to school with bullet proof windows, outdated books, outdated technology, no extracurriculars and no playgrounds. For recess they would go out to a cement lot with no playground and run around with nothing but an imagination. 

People wonder why there are issues in these kinds of communities but never bring up the inequality the people that live in them face. If the education system isn’t even on an equal playing field for everyone isn’t that something that should be addressed more. The media never addresses these types of issues and never will. 

Since the government has shown that they aren’t trying to help I think the community has to save itself. The Big Brother Big Sister will be one of my first steps in trying to make Philly a better place. I hope to provide my little this insight and that he will one day be a mentor. If not through an organization at least through his actions. 

Are you currently a mentor or planning to be one later in life? What are causes that are important to you that you want to contribute to (via donations, service, ect)? As always thanks for reading! 

Tony Z. 

Don’t Get Taken Advantage of At The Workplace 

When I first started my journey in Corporate America I was a YES man. If someone needed something done or if I could help in anyway I would be the guy that was down for the challenge. I quickly learned that you cannot do everyone’s work or else you’ll be overwhelmed and fall behind on your projects. Of course I do believe you should help people out when you’re the subject matter expert. But putting yourself first is most important. 

Young and Naive. I look ready to say yes to someone.

In the Corp world deadlines are EVERYTHING. Once you say this project will be done on this date that is what is expected of you. The hourglass has been flipped and the sand is sinking to the bottom of it. Since you are the project owner/leader you have to make sure everything is good on your home front first. 

Something I started doing is scheduling time out of my day to focus solely on the projects I lead. The only time I’d prioritize a project in front of my own (once I knew better) was if that project was going to hold up production. Meaning my managers and upper management needed a quick turn around or if the project would keep the company from losing money. 

So unless the managers or upper managers push for it always do yourself a favor and get your projects done ASAP. Typically something always goes wrong in a project so the quicker you progress the better chance you will have making your deadline even with setbacks. Worst case scenario a delay takes you past your deadline. If that’s the case at least you can let your managers/upper management know in a timely fashion and it won’t look as bad as finding out the day before a project is due. 
Now I would never say don’t ever help your coworkers. You are all a team and should be helping out one another. I do think however you should help people strategically. When you help others it should be to build relationships and to put yourself in a situation for when you need help you have it. If you do something for a coworker and they never help you out in a timely fashion when you need it don’t be afraid to reciprocate the gesture. 

Some and not all of your coworkers will use you to do their work for them. It may take a while for you to notice but as soon as you do either call them out on it or as I said earlier reciprocate how they treat you. If it becomes overbearing have a talk with your manager about it. If the project is high priority and they need you to set aside time to help do so. If it isn’t a high priority then your manager will more than likely let the person know your time is needed for other resources. 

As always thank you for reading! Have any of you been taken advantage of at the workplace? If so how did you handle the situation. Please leave comments and let me know how it worked out for you. 

Tony Z. 

Does The School I Go To Dictate What Job I’ll Get?

The school you go to will dictate many things in life. College is where some people find their future spouse, discover what they want to do for the rest of their lives and it’s where you’ll meet people that’ll expand your way of thinking. The school you go to will present many opportunities but it is ultimately you, the individual, that dictates your experiences and your future career. 

Met a Lengendary Coach at a great school

Even before you go to college you may have a plan you set for yourself. For the majority of us that plan hardly ever pans out the way we originally saw it. Which is perfectly fine. It is common that people change their majors when in college. Depending on what major you chose it hones the job opportunities available to you. If you’re a liberal arts major and you want a mechanical engineering job that’s obviously not going to work. 

As a kid i knew where i was going to college just didnt fully have the plan.

At that point you’d have to go back to school and get your degree in mech engineering. If you’re a senior about to graduate there is another route. There are certain jobs that only require a bachelors degree. Those jobs (like Target and Sears for example there are more) can introduce you to an industry and you could work for a company and go back to school to learn you’re passion. 

Some of the benefits you may get at working with a corporation is tuition reimbursement. Using that as opposed to coming out of your own pocket is a way to change majors while getting some work experience. Once you get the degree you want you can then switch departments and eventually change jobs. Keep in mind if a company pays for the schooling you pursue with their money you may have to work there a year or two before you change companies. Most places make you pay all of the tuition back if you leave before they get to benefit from the knowledge you acquired. 

The school you go to is a network and will follow you wherever you go. I went to a big ten school (the pics give away which one) and no matter where I go in the world I know more than likely I’ll be able to find people that went to my school. Just by going to the same college a bond is made and can present opportunities. 

The Breakdance Club helped mold me in to the person I am today.

Along with meeting people across the world the Internet is another great source. I’m apart of Facebook groups that post job postings specific to my major. On top of that I have a network of people I can go to for questions about my field all located in one spot. 

To bring this to an end yes the school you chose plays a role in where you end up but it is ultimately you the individual that achieves what they want. Never let the school you go to dictate anything. There are multiple ways to get where you want to go in life in terms of a career. 

Like always thanks for reading! How has the school you attended help mold you to the person you are today? 


Tony Z.